ADOPTION BOOKS: These the books that most helped or influenced me. There are many more. For a full list of great books (as well as films), visit AAC or PACER.

Birthbond: Reunions Between Birthparents & Adoptees: What Happens After, Judith Gediman & Linda Brown
May the Circle Be Unbroken, Lynn Franklin & Elizabeth Ferber
The Girls Who Went Away, Ann Fessler
The Other Mother, Carol Schaefer
The Primal Wound, Nancy Verrier
Birthmark, Lorraine Dusky
Birthright: The Guide to Search & Reunion, Jean Strauss
Beneath A Tall Tree, Jean Strauss
Two Hearts: An Adoptee’s Journey Through Grief to Gratitude, Linda Hoye
Wake Up Little Susie, Rickie Sollinger
Birthmothers: Women Who Have Relinquished Babies for Adoption Tell Their Stories, Merry Bloch Jones
Without A Map, Meredith Hall
Following the Tambourine Man, Janet Mason Ellerby
Found, Jennifer Lauck


Secrets and Lies, 1996
The Other Mother, 1995
The Magdalene Sisters, 2002
August Rush, 2007
The Truman Show, 1998
Casa de los Babys, 2003
Mother and Child, 2009
Loggerheads, 2005
Antwone Fisher, 2002
Rabbit-Proof Fence, 2002
Unlocking the Heart of Adoption, documentary by Sheila Ganz
Lost and Found, documentary by Debra Baker
Broken Ties, documentary by Debra Baker
Adopted: For The Life of Me, documentary by Jean Strauss
Adoptee OBC: A Simple Piece of Paper, documentary by Jean Strauss

Avoid “Juno.” It distorts and trivializes the birthmother experience.


International Soundex Reunion Registry (Free mutual-consent database for reconnecting family members separated by adoption)

American Adoption Congress (An organization comprised of individuals, families and organizations committed to adoption reform)

PACER (Post-Adoption Center for Education and Research)

CUB (Concerned United Birthparents)